Still Here … With You

Originally posted on Deeper Waters:

Here I am, Abba.
It seems I start so many prayers this way
Maybe because this is my one constant
I’m here with You
And even more amazing
You’re always here with me
There is such deep comfort in that knowledge
You are the God who is always present
You are the God who is always near
You are the God who made a way for me to come
… so I do

Here I am, Abba
I’m not sure about much of anything else
At least not today
Maybe not tomorrow either
But this one thing I do know
I’m here with You
And You’re here with me

Here I am, Abba
So help me to truly be here
Wherever here may be
Help me to be present
To be present in my now
Because that’s where You are
You are the I Am
You’re not dwelling in…

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A few things I’ve learned, pt 3 – Running TO Him

Originally posted on Deeper Waters:

“I’ve learned to run to Him in my brokenness, failures, frustrations and disappointments, rather than away from Him in shame, regret, confusion or anger.”

It goes all the way back to the beginning of man. Adam and Eve walked in unbroken fellowship with God. But then they sinned. After they sinned they did something that ought to sound really familiar …

They hid.

We’ve been hiding from God in various ways ever since.

But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?” –Genesis 3:9

But God. Don’t you just love those words? One simple phrase that changes everything. But the LORD God called to the man….

And He’s continued to call out to us ever since.

Because He is always calling out to us, that should tell us something about His heart. It should tell us something about His desire. It should tell us something about how He

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Love Loves to Love

Originally posted on Deeper Waters:

“Love loves to love. And the reward of love is love …”

I’ve heard Misty Edwards sing these words many times from the prayer room at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City,  but today they are personal.

Many years ago, not long after I had given my heart to Jesus, I had an experience that marked my life.  Really, it was the first time I truly encountered the love of God. It started out like any other morning–I got up to spend time with the Lord and simply started thanking him for all he was doing in my life. However, on this particular day I became completely overwhelmed with gratitude. Something shifted in a tangible way and I experienced a very profound sense of his presence. I entered into a transcendent sort of place where time ceased to exist. There was only him … and me with him.

I’m not sure how long I was…

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When People Are Our Idols (Worship Series Part 3)


Daily…we need to be aware of this…to keep God FIRST place in our hearts, minds, and spirits.

Originally posted on Just Thinking Aloud:


You shall have no other gods before me,~God.

If you ask most people if they are an idol worshipper, they’d firmly tell you no! However, our culture elevates mere human beings to “god” statuses. Celebrities, actors, athletes, musicians, sports teams, politicians, models, even pastors, evangelists, and prominent people in ministry are elevated to a level above most common folks.

It doesn’t have to be a well known person. Some people idolize and worship their spouse, children, parents, friends, best friend, coworker, or themselves.

I’d say the most common idol is self.

The people we idolize are our source of identity, comfort, joy, pleasure, and some place their hope and confidence in others or themselves.

What lets us know we’ve made an idol of someone.

1. That person consumes our thoughts, time, energy, resources, money, attention, and we want the person more than God Himself.

2. We see the person as…

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Dream Child

Originally posted on l i g h t w r i t e r s:


Was it possible
She spoke to God
To erase war’s insolence
(Would there ever be room?)
For summer’s somnolence,
Its sweet clover scent
To sweep the world off its feet?
Would she float some day
On dragonfly wings
And dance and sway
Like lilies in the field?
Would she change things
And gather up broken pieces
Or weave a daisy chain
Around the earth’s waist
Just make things the way
They were s’posed to be
(Could a child dream…?)

© 2014 S. Michaels
Light Years


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Things I’ve Learned, pt 2 – Intimacy with God


I need and want to know my Creator more. Now that I have a dream worth working towards, I need to know how to make time for God in the day without putting Him last (or spending rush time with Him first thing in the morning).

Originally posted on Deeper Waters:

“Intimacy with God is never, ever, based on performance. Never. Ever.”

This was my first, and probably the most important, point on a list I posted earlier in the week of a few things I’ve managed to learn on my journey of faith.

I believe in the truth of this statement with all of my heart. If I didn’t–I probably would have given up a long time ago. Because, well, my “performace” isn’t always all that great.

Before going further, it would probably be good to define what I mean by “intimacy with God.” What is it? Is it something to be desired?

The dictionary defines intimacy as: close familiarity or friendship; closeness. One catchy definition I’ve often heard is “in-to-me-see.” Intimacy is a place of vulnerability and authenticity. It’s a place where there are no pretenses; a place where you know and are fully known—without shame. In a…

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